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Cha Cha Changes


This song has been running through my mind for days.  Guess that is because everything is changing in my life.  I have been quiet for a while trying to find my footing and figure out where my life/ where I am going.  And I'm now ready to start sharing my journey with you.

I recently found out that I am probably going to lose my job.  The partners that I work for had a screaming fight in front of my desk a few weeks ago and one of them, decided he had enough and he was splitting the partnership.  I don't blame him, the situation has been unbearable for him for a while and he has wanted out for a long time.  At first I was told I could work from home and from his office and now it's looking like that isn't going to happen.  I was told I need to find another job.  Problem is, there are not a lot of positions available right now.  I did apply for one but have not had a response from them.

I was talking to a friend and told her that my plans that had almost come to …

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