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Thoughts on Life

I am sitting and listening to a podcaster and had thoughts about what she was saying and wanted to put them on paper, so to speak.

First she was talking about how the super/blue/blood moon affected her family and I started to think about how it affected me.  Understand, being a believer, I don't believe in a lot of the stuff centered around astrology but, I do believe that the moon affects people.  I've seen it in the medical world, the business world and so on.  People get a little nuts around the full moon.  Normally, it doesn't seem to affect me much but the super/blue/blood moon did.  My mood has been absolutely horrible since that moon.  I am not myself, especially at work.  Everything is bothering me.  I am hoping that with the new full moon that I will feel better.  It also affected my brother as well, which typically doesn't either.

Then she was reading from an book about how we are too busy with the getting of life to enjoy nature and the natural things around…

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