Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Sorry I have been absent.  I've been rather busy.  Summer starts today but really has been upon us for over a month.  We have had an unusually rainy spring which is good and bad.  It's good because we are no longer in a drought and bad because too much water isn't good for my veggies.

My knitting has stalled lately.  I'm not happy with either project I am knitting on and don't really want to work on them.  Ripping back on one project is coming the other I will keep trying to plug along on.  I am going to be starting another sweater for me and I have yarn to make another sweater for my husband.  I have yarn for two blankets and tons of stuff for me.  I will have to decide what is more important.  I have a sweater languishing because it has to be ripped back to the arm  seams.  I am not pleased with it and I think I have used the wrong yarn for the sweater.  I will have to rethink my choice of yarn and possibly make something else with the lovely yarn I chose.  The sweater pattern itself is great and I love the lace work down the back so...I will have to make it from another yarn.  I may post pictures and ask for opinions on patterns.

Life wise, we are done with softball and have a break before band camp starts.  We bought dd a pool and finally got it filled and dd and her friends are enjoying it.  I am currently rearranging rooms in my house and will post before and after pictures. My craft room is becoming a quiet/guest room and my den is becoming the exercise/craft room.  I have bought paint and have prepped to get started painting but won't start until tonight.  I'll get some pics taken tonight.

I hope everyone is well and that you have a good weekend.

Monday, April 24, 2017

More Honeymoon Pictures

 My brother's view from our Glasgow hotel.  This beautiful structure is the train station.  Inside is an actual mall, all kinds of shops!
 This is my view over the river from the hotel room in Glasgow, Such a pretty night sky.
 The hotel was the only place that had sweet and low.  Tim had asked at every place we ate in and no one had it.
 The beautiful tiles in a building in Glasgow and the bottom picture is of the elevator cage in the same building.  The scroll work is beautiful.

 A kilt store!  Unfortunately, they did not carry the Dunlop plaid!
 It is interesting to see the modern buildings interspersed with very old buildings.
 Shopping district in downtown Glasgow.  Never did find the yarn shop I wanted. :(

 More beautiful buildings.  I love to see the history.

 Another, daytime shot, of the Train station behind the hotel.
 The kids were hoping we would find pokemon while we were in the UK, we did find a store selling them.
 My dinner in a lovely pub in Glasgow.  It was so delicious!
 Traveling on the train to Dunlop and Irvine.

 The beach in Irvine.  My grandfather was born in Irvine Scotland.

 It is a beautiful town.  We didn't see nearly enough of it.  Will the next time we go.

 Waiting for our train to Dunlop.  The train stations all have beautiful planters full of flowers and glass roofs.

 Shots from Lock Lamond.  Such a beautiful lake.  We walked around part of the lake and got to hear a bagpiper playing.  So lovely!

 This little pub is in Dunlop.  It has a post office and one pub and one restaurant and that is it.  It has no commercial industry in the town at all.  Just homes and a church.  Dunlop hill is here named after our ancestors and in the church itself, and the surrounding grave yard there are many generations of Dunlops.  I have photos in 35 mm that I will have to develop and post for you.
 Sad to be leaving!  I am so looking forward to visiting again!

Monday, April 3, 2017

More Photos

I realized that I had not published several of my photos from my honeymoon so I have decided to go back to sharing those.  I covered London in my previous post so I will cover Dover and Calais France this time.
 This was the scene from our room in Dover.  We looked over the back garden, it was lovely.  However, we had to walk up four flights of stairs to get there.  When you are tired and wet with rain you don't really want to carry 4 heavy bags up the stairs.  The host was lovely and made breakfast for us every morning.  That man could cook!
 While we didn't get to go tour Dover Castle, we were able to catch glimpses of it as we rambled about town.  Dover has a lovely fish and chips shop on one of the main streets.  Very nice young man running the shop and the food was fab!

 Views of the White Cliffs from the ferry that we took to Calais France.

 Dover Castle sitting above the White Cliffs.  It is a beautiful sight from the bay.
 Photos of Calais coming into port.  It is a lovely small seaside town.  We wondered the main square and shopped and had lunch.

Yummy lunch at a little bistro just off the main square.  The owner didn't speak much English but knew that Jack Daniels Whiskey could be obtained from the state I live in.  When he asked and we told him we were from TN, he said OH, Jack Daniels!  and pointed to a sign on his wall.  Evidently he has taken a trip to the distillery in TN to taste the whiskey.

Eventually I would like to get back to Dover; I would like to explore the castle and more of the town.  It rained most of the time we were there so we didn't see as much as we would have liked to.