Crazy Wonderful Coworkers

I figured I should introduce myself, I'm Florence, better known as Flo or FoFo (called such by my Daddy and my brothers).  I craft like crazy-knitting, crochet, needle point, cross stitch, card making, scrapbooking, jewelry/stitch markers, spinning and flower arranging for weddings.  My main focus the last few years has been knitting but I have started to want to do my other hobbies more lately.  I think when I get back from England/Scotland I'm going to try to balance my crafting and do a little bit of all of it.

I had another blog which I shut down and deleted.  I had let the world suck the joy out of me and after several months I've decided to give it a go again.  My blog is so named because I do have a crazy, wonderful and funny life.  I am starting life anew and I want to share my joy, love, creativeness, and the crazy things that go on/happen to me. 

I am getting married in 9 days!!!!  Oh my gosh, it is really that close!!!  Add to it that my birthday is Tuesday and hilarity ensues.  My lovely coworkers and boss decided to take me to lunch for my birthday/wedding shower today since the boss is out of the office next week.  Normally he lets us choose where we want to eat for our birthday but, today they didn't let me choose.  Thought it was odd but, they know where I like to eat.  So we walk one block down to a little Mexican restaurant, me, I was totally clueless as to what they were up to.  They had the staff come sing to me and then the guy standing behind me smeared whip cream all over my face and up my nose!  If that weren't enough they brought me a "cake" that one of my coworkers made for me.  I am including a picture:

I mistakenly made a comment about liking the Ding Dong snack cakes and my boss and one of my coworkers ran with it.  They had so much fun!  I was mortified! To spite them I ate part of it.  LOL   But, it was a hoot.  One of the staff came up and asked for a picture of it when we were ready to leave.  They gave me money for a wedding gift so we will put it to good use after the wedding.  There are a few things that are needed in/for the house so....

Three days after the wedding we are heading to England and Scotland for our honeymoon.  So, pictures of the wedding and our honeymoon will have to wait until we get back.  There will be tons I am sure.

I will try to do a weekly post sometimes more, sometimes less depending on what is happening.  I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I get to be the first to comment!!! I don't even know what I am commenting on since I didn't stop to read, just went straight to the comment. LOL!


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