Scarey Stuff

A patient of mine came in and we got to talking and her comments led me down a rabbit hole that I wished I hadn't gone down.  We as American's do not pay enough attention to what our government is doing behind our backs or behind closed doors.  I don't want to alarm people but you do need to be forewarned of what is going on and that Hilary Clinton was party to some of this going on and will further do damage to this country.

Did you know for instance that China owns part of the US now?  Yes indeed, a part of Arizona is now owned by the Chinese.  Our government got a loan from China and defaulted. So, the government gave China part of Arizona as payment.  American ranchers were thrown off their land and it was given to China.  The government didn't own the land, they just claimed they had the right to do it and China said since it was now Chinese land they wanted no American's on it.  People lost their homes and land because of it.

Here's another good one, we no longer own our nations parks.  Does that blow your mind?  Our illustrious former president Bill Clinton gave the UN control of all of our national parks.  Did you also know that if at any time the UN decided they don't want Americans in the parks they can kick us out and lock the gates and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it?

The information is mind blowing and you can find out so much just by looking on the internet. 

Mind blower #3-Did you know that we, as a country no longer have the rights to our natural waterways?  Yes, my mind was blown on that one too.  A "government run" BLM, Bureau of Land Management was a US run entity, and is now run by a British corporation.  That British corporation now owns all of our natural waterways and can tell us at any time that we cannot access that water if they so chose to do so.

The last thing I want to say is look into HAARP cell towers.  The information I found on these scared the crap out of me.  It all sounds so scifi but it really isn't.

We are not as safe as our government would have us believe.


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