Time is rushing on!

I am sitting thinking about all the things I wish I could be home to do.  I have so much to prepare before going to the mountains for the wedding and then so much more to prepare for before boarding a plane next Tuesday.  I have food shopping to do for the mini reception we are having for the kids and my brother and his family.  We decided to cook instead of going out, much less expensive for the number of people.  A friend is providing me with all the veggies I need, just have to get the meat and all the other stuff to go with.  I wish I didn't have to work for the next two days, I really need to be at home. And then I work Monday and Tuesday, we leave Tuesday night!  Ugh!  Typing about it is making the anxiety rise so we'll find something else to discuss.

I was working on a sweater, Thereafter, a beautiful thing and I'm almost done, should have been trying it on because it doesn't fit quite right so a rip fest will happen when I return from my honeymoon.  I am determined to have the sweater, I love it!  I have completed a baby toy and started crocheting a baby blanket.  I'm still working on my version of  Spectra by Stephen West.  It will be going on the plain with me I think and I will be taking some alpaca yarn to make a cowl with as well.  I will have time to knit in the evenings so I will make good use of my time.

Went to the first home game for my dd's hs on Friday and it was a good game!  DD and the other colour guard did a wonderful job and the game was intense.  I spent the last 5 mins of the game on my feet yelling and cheering.  First game I've been to since oldest dd was in band.

Have a good afternoon!


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