A whirl wind...

For the last several weeks it has been a whirl wind in my life.  We got married on the 10th of September.  I spent the night before the wedding in the cabin we had rented and actually knitted and had wine.  Had a real wild night don't you know.  LOL!
I'll post a couple of the photos I like the best.

It was lovely and simple and exactly what we wanted.  Since this is not the first wedding for either of us, we didn't want a lot of fan fare.  We stayed the weekend in a cabin and then went home on Sunday because I had to be to work first thing Monday.

Love is funny and the Lord has His own ideas about who should be together.  When I first met Tim my first thought was that we would be good friends.  Little did I know that more was in store for us. We are friends but so much more than that.  We make each other laugh and just enjoy being together. I thank the Lord that for the second time, He has given me the right man.

In the coming weeks I'll will post about our honeymoon and the places we visited.  Just a hint we went to England, France and Scotland. I took several digital photos but mostly 35 mm which I have to get developed.

I hope you have a great week.  Be Blessed!


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