The New Year is Upon Us

Hard to believe it's almost 2017.  So much has happened in the last year, the last several years.

What do you reflect on coming into the new year?  Do you think about love ones lost, things not done, or do you look forward to what the new year will bring you?

Something I discovered in losing my husband is that life is short, time is fleeting and we only get one go around.  Don't put off things you want to do, experiences you want to have.  I went to England and Scotland this year!  I have always wanted to go and I am planning another trip.  I want to go back.  I want to go see my eldest daughter in the new year.  I haven't gotten to hug her in a year.  I also want to go to Florida and just spend the day at the beach, doing nothing but watching the birds and listening to the waves.  I anticipate what will come, what will bring me joy.  No more putting off til tomorrow what can be done today.  I'm going to live life to it's fullest and not regret anything!

My motto for the year is Go Forth, Explore, and Enjoy Every Moment!


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