What is Christmas?

History will tell you that the Catholic Church took the pagan holiday of the winter festival and gave it Christian meaning to  convert the pagans to Christianity.  And that is true.  There are a few tantalizing hints in the Bible as to when Christ was born but nothing for certain.  It definitely wasn't on the 25th of December.  But we adapted the holiday as the Catholic Church wished.  There are so many reasons people celebrate Christmas.  Believers and non believers celebrate but do people honestly know what they are celebrating?  Christmas is based in Christ; if you take Christ out of everything and you are not a believer, then why do you celebrate Christmas?  I know since I have been a child Christmas has become so commercialized. It's all about money, spending money, making money, who can give the best, make fun of who gives the least.  In this time of rejoicing I think we need to reflect what the meaning of Christmas is supposed to be about and remember the ultimate gift that was given.  God gave His Son for us.  Christ was God's gift to us; how many do you know that would give up their son for you?

It is a shame and breaks my heart that you cannot go around and say Merry Christmas without offending someone.  But, I don't care if I offend, it is what it is and it is a holiday created to celebrate the Christ and I for one am glad that He was given for me.  So ...

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that you think back on what is important and meaningful to you.  Loved ones, with and far from you, Those that have gone from you.  Friends.  The heart of Christmas was a gift but not a shiny, expensive, colourful gift, it was a gift born in a manger sleeping where cows and sheep slept.
Simple gifts, gifts of love, gifts of sacrifice, gifts of time those are things remembered more than anything.


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