More Honeymoon Pictures

 My brother's view from our Glasgow hotel.  This beautiful structure is the train station.  Inside is an actual mall, all kinds of shops!
 This is my view over the river from the hotel room in Glasgow, Such a pretty night sky.
 The hotel was the only place that had sweet and low.  Tim had asked at every place we ate in and no one had it.
 The beautiful tiles in a building in Glasgow and the bottom picture is of the elevator cage in the same building.  The scroll work is beautiful.

 A kilt store!  Unfortunately, they did not carry the Dunlop plaid!
 It is interesting to see the modern buildings interspersed with very old buildings.
 Shopping district in downtown Glasgow.  Never did find the yarn shop I wanted. :(

 More beautiful buildings.  I love to see the history.

 Another, daytime shot, of the Train station behind the hotel.
 The kids were hoping we would find pokemon while we were in the UK, we did find a store selling them.
 My dinner in a lovely pub in Glasgow.  It was so delicious!
 Traveling on the train to Dunlop and Irvine.

 The beach in Irvine.  My grandfather was born in Irvine Scotland.

 It is a beautiful town.  We didn't see nearly enough of it.  Will the next time we go.

 Waiting for our train to Dunlop.  The train stations all have beautiful planters full of flowers and glass roofs.

 Shots from Lock Lamond.  Such a beautiful lake.  We walked around part of the lake and got to hear a bagpiper playing.  So lovely!

 This little pub is in Dunlop.  It has a post office and one pub and one restaurant and that is it.  It has no commercial industry in the town at all.  Just homes and a church.  Dunlop hill is here named after our ancestors and in the church itself, and the surrounding grave yard there are many generations of Dunlops.  I have photos in 35 mm that I will have to develop and post for you.
 Sad to be leaving!  I am so looking forward to visiting again!


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