Sorry I have been absent.  I've been rather busy.  Summer starts today but really has been upon us for over a month.  We have had an unusually rainy spring which is good and bad.  It's good because we are no longer in a drought and bad because too much water isn't good for my veggies.

My knitting has stalled lately.  I'm not happy with either project I am knitting on and don't really want to work on them.  Ripping back on one project is coming the other I will keep trying to plug along on.  I am going to be starting another sweater for me and I have yarn to make another sweater for my husband.  I have yarn for two blankets and tons of stuff for me.  I will have to decide what is more important.  I have a sweater languishing because it has to be ripped back to the arm  seams.  I am not pleased with it and I think I have used the wrong yarn for the sweater.  I will have to rethink my choice of yarn and possibly make something else with the lovely yarn I chose.  The sweater pattern itself is great and I love the lace work down the back so...I will have to make it from another yarn.  I may post pictures and ask for opinions on patterns.

Life wise, we are done with softball and have a break before band camp starts.  We bought dd a pool and finally got it filled and dd and her friends are enjoying it.  I am currently rearranging rooms in my house and will post before and after pictures. My craft room is becoming a quiet/guest room and my den is becoming the exercise/craft room.  I have bought paint and have prepped to get started painting but won't start until tonight.  I'll get some pics taken tonight.

I hope everyone is well and that you have a good weekend.


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